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TETRA Chemicals Europe Careers

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At TETRA Chemicals Europe we offer a wide range of professional roles. Process operator, service and maintenance technician, accountant, controller, sales manager, customer service, terminal worker, logistics manager are just a few examples.

TETRA Chemicals Europe is rooted in a local culture that is expanding and evolving. We value the solutions that we deliver, coupled with a unique skill set and knowledge in our field. This allows us to tailor our work based on local conditions, which means that we can share knowledge across functions and country borders.

Our employees form the basis of our strong brands CC food, CC road, CC tech and CC farm. Together, we work according to our strengths and ambitions and develop in step with society. The core of our success begins with our workforce. 

If you’re interested in joining the TETRA Chemicals Europe team, please check back periodically for new postings.