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CC tech high-purity calcium chloride salt is specially developed for technical and industrial applications requiring CaCl2 of consistently high purity with stable properties. Its applications include wastewater treatment, paper production, concrete setting, polymer production, oil and gas extraction, and dehumidifying.

CC tech products provide ions of Ca2+ and Cl− in a controlled and measurable way, and contains almost no iron or other impurities. Available as either solid white flakes or clear liquid solution, the solid form is highly soluble, mixes easily with liquids, and is both hygroscopic (absorbs water) and exothermic (releases heat) when in contact with water. TETRA Chemicals manufactures our CC tech calcium chloride products in several countries across Europe.

CC tech calcium chloride for greener wastewater treatment

CC tech products are used to remove fluoride from consumer and industrial wastewaters, typically yielding post-treatment levels of 10–100 mg/l, depending on the application.

Additionally, semiconductor production, petroleum refining, aluminum smelting, and other industrial operations also produce wastewater containing high levels of fluoride. Both types of effluent require treatment and removal of the fluoride before discharge. CC tech products chemically convert the fluoride content to insoluble calcium fluoride, CaF2, which can then be removed using conventional separation techniques.

Another environmental concern is lowering phosphate levels in industrial wastewaters, such as those from chemical and fertilizer production. Discharge containing high levels of phosphates can cause over-mineralization (eutrophication) in lakes, rivers, and coastal waters, leading to ecologically disruptive agal blooms or aquatic plant over-growth. CC tech products reduce phosphates by precipitating them into calcium phosphate solids, which can then be removed and in some cases reused or sold.

CC tech product are also effective at removing sulfates from concentrated streams, precipitating most of them into solid gypsum that can then be filtered off and sold or deposited. Some applications may require a polishing step to yield the desired concentrations in the effluent, which can be achieved through ion-exchange.

CC tech calcium chloride for better paper

CC tech calcium chloride improves the printing and ink performance of paper. Added to the starch coating agent, the calcium chloride enhances the electrical conductivity of the paper’s surface, which reduces feathering (ink sprawling outward) and enables higher quality and faster color printing.

CC tech calcium chloride for faster concrete setting

CC tech products greatly reduce the setting time of concrete—a very helpful treatment for one of the most used and indispensable construction materials in the world. It is especially beneficial to the production of non-reinforced concrete products like roofing tiles and paving stones. Typically added at levels of 0.5–2.0 percent, CC tech products accelerate the rate of hydration, cutting setting time as much as 50 percent to enable faster product output. Lower temperatures further accelerate the process, setting concrete with CC tech calcium chloride at 10°C within the same timeframe as concrete without calcium chloride at 20°C.

CC tech calcium chloride for stronger polymers

CC tech products are used to facilitate production of polymers and impact modifiers. Many polymers, including latex and synthetic rubber, are produced using an emulsion-solvent process, after which the polymer is separated from the water solvent with filtration or sedimentation. CC tech products increase the ionic strength of the aggregate in the aqueous phase of production, until it overcomes electrostatic repulsion and coalesces to form the end-product.

CC tech calcium chloride for other technical applications

CC tech products are commonly used in the oil and gas industry during drilling, workovers, and completions. The products are added to fluids to reduce water activity, prevent shale water-absorption, cool and lubricate drill bits, facilitate removal of downhole cuttings, and elevate fluid densities to counteract reservoir pressures.

Our CC tech product is widely used in domestic and commercial dehumidifiers, as well as in the industrial drying of gases and solvents. The strong hygroscopic property of CC tech 77% flakes provides excellent moisture absorption.

CC tech product are also used as a thickening agent in the production of alginates (natural polymers), which are widely used in foods and pharmaceuticals, as well as in the formulation of detergents.

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CC tech calcium chloride

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CC tech calcium chloride

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