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Ultra-Pure Zinc Bromide for Batteries

TETRA PureFlow Ultra-Pure Zinc Bromide

TETRA Technologies produces and provides end users with zinc bromide, used in zinc-bromine batteries and energy storage. We can provide either TETRA PureFlow ultra-pure zinc bromide or custom zinc-bromide-based electrolyte prepared according to client specifications.

The performance and life of a zinc-bromine battery depends greatly on the quality of the zinc bromide, the main ingredient of the device’s electrolyte. An electrolyte is an electrically conductive solution or gel, and any impurities in it will significantly diminish the battery’s designed capacity, energy density, and output (Faraday efficiency).

TETRA PureFlow Ultra-Pure Zinc Bromide

We provide end users with TETRA PureFlow ultra-pure zinc bromide fluid, which is ideal for commercial batteries and energy storage solution. Our 40+ years of experience engineering, manufacturing, and blending clear brines for oil and gas applications have equipped us to produce an exceptionally high-quality product that is made in the USA with North American materials and designed specifically to help extend battery life.

TETRA can also provide zinc-bromide electrolyte mixtures customized to client specifications, enabling battery makers to simplify their manufacturing workflows and reduce overall costs.

A Unique Zinc-Bromide Production Process

TETRA devised and uses a unique production process that was subject to two patents. The process consumes less energy and produces less emissions. Originally developed to make halide brines for oil and gas applications, the process has been further refined to produce PureFlow zinc bromide that is ideal for zinc-bromine based batteries and energy systems.

Made in the USA With North American Materials

TETRA produces PureFlow ultra-pure zinc bromide at our plant in West Memphis, Arkansas. Supporting production is our robust supply network for sourcing the purest form of zinc in North America as well as the other raw materials necessary for current and future demand, including 40,000+ acres of brine leases containing bromine minerals in Arkansas.

Reclamation and ‘End-of-Life’ Electrolytes

TETRA has a proven history and track record of successfully reclaiming and recycling brominated fluids, in particular zinc bromide fluids. Our primary objective is 100% reclamation of all the electrolytes that have reached their end-of-life state in order to extend battery life, lower costs, and significantly reduce environmental impact. We will achieve this by leveraging over 40 years of experience reclaiming brines containing high levels of particulates and other contaminants, including metals from some of the harshest conditions in oil and gas operations.

With our industry-leading R&D analytical capabilities and Ph.D. scientists, TETRA routinely develops specific treatment regimens that yield clean, clear, and reusable brominated fluids. Applying our existing capabilities and knowledge to end-of-life electrolytes will reduce the need for disposing of electrolytes and thus maximize our clients’ investment while helping them reach their clean energy goals.

Zinc Bromine Battery Uses

A zinc bromine battery is a rechargeable battery system used in a range of energy storage systems and renewable energy operations. Both flow and non-flow zinc-bromine batteries offer distinct advantages over lithium-ion batteries. The battery materials are low cost and readily available. It offers 100% depth of discharge capability on a daily basis, with little capacity degradation. Other benefits range from low fire risks, as the electrolyte is non-flammable, to an easy recycling process.

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