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Water Storage Tanks and Pit Lining

TETRA storage and pit lining solutions ensure drilling and completion operations have a sufficient water supply onsite and on-demand.

Our above-ground steel storage tanks are polyethylene lined and can be used in conjunction with our water sourcing, transfer, treatment and recycling services or contracted separately. All our above-ground storage solutions are easy to assemble and engineered to the highest standards.

Initial water storage will reduce long-term costs by limiting costly truck traffic on rural roads and ensuring you will not run short of water when you need it the most.

Liner Services

We offer a wide range of polyethylene liner services up to 60 millimeters in compliance with EPA regulations. Our experienced personnel prepare the location and build pits to your specifications and inspect the entire area to ensure it is free of rocks, roots, or foreign material that could damage the liner.

Secondary Containment

In addition to our liner services, we provide a variety of secondary containment services to safeguard against costly leaks, spills and accidents. The containment structures may be constructed with earthen berms, formed by our experienced personnel. Another option includes providing portable structures placed around tanks, pumps and equipment with the appropriate liner.