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Everything you want, from the industry’s book on completions fluids to the latest on closed-loop water management.

Water Management

Produced Water Innovations Can Become Scarcity Game-Changers – American Oil
& Gas Reporter

New Approaches And Tools Help Fracturing Companies Advance Employee Safety – Interview with AOGR

Industry builds circular water economy as it leans into recycling and reuse – Interview with Drilling Contractor

Powerful Chemistries Pair Attractive Returns With Environmental Gains – Interview with AOGR

Innovations for Emissions Management – Oilfield Technology

The Road to Sustainability – Shale Play Water Management

Treatment Technologies Improve Efficiencies of Water Recycling – American Oil
& Gas Reporter

Solving the Shale Play Water Conundrum – Shale Play Water Management

Tackling Unconventional Shale Plays – Oilfield Technology

Water Automation

On the ESG Path With Automated Water Recycling – Oilfield Technology

Keys to Better Water Management: Seeking Sustainability Amid the Chaos – JPT

Smart Automation Boosts Economics – American Oil & Gas Reporter

From Ground to Cloud – Oilfield Technology

Automating Water Management to Reduce Costs, Risks, and Environmental Impact – IndustryVoice Hart Energy

Take Water Management to the Next Level with Automation – Oilfield Technology

Keys to Reducing the Cost of Treating Produced Water – Hart E&P

Flowing With the Times – Oilfield Technology

Completion Fluids, Wellbore Cleanup & Displacement

Multi-Use, High-Density Fluid Systems in the North Sea – Oilfield Technology

Innovations for Emissions Management – Oilfield Technology

Exceptional Displacement and Wellbore Cleanup – JPT

Automation And New Fluid Systems Reshape Fluids Selection – American Oil & Gas Reporter

Combatting Brine Crystallisation – Oilfield Technology

Increased Efficiency in Flowback Sand Recovery Avoids Costly Abrasion Damage to Facilities – JPT

Leveraging Location to Deliver Leading Technologies – Offshore

Port Fourchon: Gateway to the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico – Offshore

Frac Flowback & Sand Management

The Sands of Brine – Oilfield Technology

Innovating Against the Grain – Oilfield Technology