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Completion Fluids and Additives

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The heavy hitter in heavy brines, now with zinc-free and formate-free options

Since its inception, TETRA has delivered innovation and technological leadership in completion fluids that address emerging customer needs. The TETRA CS Neptune® fluids family of heavy brines leads the oil and gas industry once again as the only cost-effective zinc-free and formate-free completion/drill-in fluids.

TETRA is the only oilfield service provider to manufacture our own calcium chloride and heavy brines, ensuring consistent quality and security of supply for our customers.

*A recent independent survey of Gulf of Mexico oil and gas operators recognizes TETRA as the top performing service provider of completion fluids with the highest customer loyalty rating.

With our PhD innovators, customized chemistries, vertical integration, robust manufacturing capabilities, and service capacity, TETRA develops and delivers fluid solutions that help make operations more efficient, cost-effective, productive, and sustainable.

Zinc Free Formate Free Fluids

TETRA CS Neptune® fluids are the preferred solution to the industry’s search for an environmentally friendly, cost-effective alternative to zinc brines and cesium formate while enabling operators to safely complete their wells.

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Clear Brine Fluids – Halide

Calcium fluids minimize formation damage caused by solid invasion, and shale dispersion. TETRA calcium halide brines are used as completion and packer fluids and in the formulation of our PayZone™ fluids.

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Clear Brine Fluids – Formate

When your data suggests that extraordinary conditions may exist in a well or producing zone, TETRA will specially formulate a completion fluid to address individual formation properties that help maximize well productivity.

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Dry Salts

TETRA uses dry salt weight material to increase the density of a single salt fluid that has been diluted or if additional hydrostatic pressure is needed to control a well.

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Fluid Loss Control and Bridging Agents

Our fluid loss control technologies are designed to help completion engineers address the industry’s most pervasive types of fluid loss. We recommend our specially manufactured microfibers, and acid soluble mineral fibers that form a strong, dense filter cake, for bridging and plugging voids and fractures.

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Breaker Technology

TETRA patented breaker products are formulated to remove the polymeric binding agents, and release the bridging materials either as discrete particles or degraded material. We customize break times to facilitate the removal of both the binding and bridging agents if necessary.

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Corrosion Control

From corrosion inhibitors for the full range of brine fluids to antimicrobial biocide solutions to solutions that eliminate oxygen, TETRA offers a full range of products that control corrosion in clear brine fluids in virtually every operating environment.

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Formation Protection

Our PayZone formation protection product line of additives enables you to minimize, and in some instances reverse, formation damage. These additives include emulsion preventers, scale inhibitors, clay stabilizers, and lubricants.

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Laboratory services

The TETRA CS Neptune® family of novel completion fluids are the preferred solution to the industry’s search for environmentally friendly, cost-effective alternatives to zinc brines or cesium formates.

Iron Control

TETRA engineered MatchWell solutions carefully match fluids with any unique conditions found, and then protects the integrity of these fluids throughout their lifecycle. By controlling and monitoring the chemistry of our products, from manufacturing to the wellbore, we are able to provide fluids designed to be less corrosive, more formation friendly, and which may increase well productivity.

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Oil Control

TETRA O-Lok C™ treatment provides operators with a low cost, onsite solution to reduce oil and grease levels. This treatment allows for the conditioning and reclamation of sodium bromide completion brine without contamination. It also allows calcium chloride brine to be treated to a level that meets the oil and grease requirements for discharge.

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Hydrate Inhibition

From effective hydrate modeling to thermodynamic hydrate inhibitors, TETRA provides the insights and inhibitors to plan for and control hydrates.

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Lubricants, Friction Reducers and Foam Reducers

TETRA offers a number of brine lubricants, friction reducers and foam reducers to help meet specific well requirements and to enhance the performance of other additives.

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TETRA Completion Fluids and Additives

Our completion fluid specialists perform a broad range of testing to help make your business more effective.

pH Control and Buffering Agents

Whether you need to decrease, increase, or stabilize pH levels, TETRA additives will improve the compatibility of brine and formation fluids and will enhance the effectiveness of other additives.

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Rheological and Filtrate Control

TETRA provides a full range of rheological and filtrate control agents to minimize losses to the formation, to separate fluids and prevent comingling, and to suspend and transport solids. These products include a broad range of viscosifiers and polymers.

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Laboratory Services

Our international team provides specialized solutions globally, to make completion operations more efficient. Our completion fluid specialists perform a broad range of testing, including crystallization point determination, compatibility testing, and brine reclamation.

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TETRA Completion Fluids and Additives

From common to custom, TETRA provides fluids designed to be less corrosive and more formation friendly, resulting in greater well productivity.