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Calcium Chloride for Agricultural Use

Europe, Africa, and Asia

CC farm Calcium ChlorideCC farm®

In Europe, Africa, and Asia our customers use our CC farm calcium chloride solution brand. The superior water solubility and biological availability make CC farm product a top ranked calcium and chloride source. It is used in different applications within the agricultural industries:

  • As a highly water-soluble calcium source for the formulation of liquid fertilizers and for fertigation
  • For the preparation of fruit dips in the washing water for quick uptake of calcium and reduction of storage diseases
  • As an acidifying salt to reduce Dietary Cation-Anion Difference (DCAD) in feed for prevention of milk fever
  • As an ingredient in drinking water for chickens to provide calcium for the bone and eggshell structure, and to alleviate heat stress by improving the mineral/salt balance
  • As a manure additive to reduce pH and ammonia volatilization

North America

Hi-Cal Liquid Calcium

TETRA Hi-Cal liquid calcium solution is a 100% water soluble, clear liquid solution. Besides providing calcium for plant nutrition and sodium displacement, Hi-Cal liquid calcium is also a valuable source of: chloride fertilization. Hi-Cal liquid calcium is also used in the formulation of TETRA’s fertilizer and turf product line. It can be blended with solutions containing nitrogen, potassium and micronutrients derived from chloride or chelated sources.

TETRA Hi-Cal liquid calcium can be used to cultivate peanuts, onions, wheat, corn, melon, cotton, and potato. It is also used as a nutritional supplement for the forage crops of dairy and beef cattle and to remediate sodium-affected and compacted soil as well as high-salinity irrigation water.

N-Cal Liquid Calcium

N-Cal liquid calcium is a specially formulated liquid blend of calcium and nitrogen that is uniquely more beneficial than other fertilizers. Based on research conducted at Texas A&M University, School of Agriculture Engineering, N-Cal offers growers the most soluble calcium fertilizer on the market.

Calcium & Nitrogen Nutrition for Crops

N-Cal is an ideal nutritional supplement for growing a wide variety of high-yield, high-quality crops. Both calcium and nitrogen are vital to plant health. Inadequate levels of these nutrients compromise crop health and lower resistance to disease and other environmental stresses. Combining nitrogen with calcium optimizes the absorption of nitrogen, which would otherwise be lost through leaching and other factors.

N-Cal ensures a more efficient and economical application of nitrogen and helps to maintain crop health and deliver high yields.

Calcium for Amending Sodium-Affected Soils

N-Cal liquid calcium is an excellent source of calcium for amending sodium-affected soils. The highly soluble liquid efficiently displaces harmful sodium salts from the root zone, while providing valuable calcium and nitrogen nutrients for rapid recovery and re-growth of crops.

Cor-Clear Calcium Nutrient

Cor-Clear is a calcium solution blend in liquid form used as a high-quality foliar calcium nutrient in the cultivation of apples, cherries, grapes, peaches, and pears. It is 100% water soluble, compatible with most pesticides and fungicides, and promotes proper fertilization and healthy shoot management.

Sodex Turf Nutrient

Sodex turf nutrient is a specially formulated blend of 12% calcium and 5% nitrogen, developed to aid in growing and maintaining golf-course green of exceptional quality.

Application of Sodex turf nutrient reduces sodium levels in soil to enhance soil tilth and water penetration and prolong greening. It also provides calcium nutrition for improved tolerance to stress and resistance to disease.

CAUTION: Do Not Mix with Sulfates or Phosphates.

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