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Water Sourcing for Hydraulic Fracturing

Having a high quality, timely, and adequate supply of water for hydraulic fracturing operations is critical for a successful unconventional well completion project.

TETRA has a team of water sourcing professionals that have proven experience working with landowners, leaseholders, local community, state and federal agencies to locate and secure water sources to ensure a secure supply for our client’s projects.

We understand the complexities and challenges that are intrinsic to accessing water from surface and sub-surface sources. At the forefront of our water sourcing and delivery process is maintaining respectful and mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders, while minimizing the environmental impact. We are able to work thoroughly and quickly using our experience, knowledge, and the latest analytical tools to locate and transfer the desired water volume, timely and precisely.

Regardless of the quantity of water that is needed, we can help you identify, procure, acquire proper regulatory permits, and deliver the water you need for your project.

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