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Iron Control Products

Precipitation of iron compounds can cause damage to the reservoir permeability or exacerbate sludging issues causing formation damage. Management of the iron with iron control agents is essential to ensure the prevention of formation damage. Two classes of iron control agents are reducing agents and chelates. These can both be used to prevent the mentioned effects; however chelates chemistry and is able to offer a variety of chelates as iron control agents or sludge control agents.

FerroBan™ Iron Control Agent

An organic iron reducer and sequestrant, FerroBan iron control agent is recommended for use in monovalent and divalent brines. It reduces ferric iron to the more preferable ferrous iron, which has a greater stability and solubility at a wider range of pH levels and in a wide variety of fluids. FerroBan iron control agent also maintains iron in solution by chelation, thereby preventing iron hydroxide and sulfide precipitation.