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Zinc-Free, Formate-Free Fluids

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The TETRA CS Neptune® family of novel completion fluids is the preferred solution to the industry’s search for environmentally friendly, cost-effective alternatives to zinc brines (which the U.S. classifies as “marine pollutants” and the North Sea bans outright) or cesium formates, which replaced zinc brines in the North Sea.

Cesium formates were the only viable option for operators to use to complete their wells safely. Until now. TETRA CS Neptune completion fluids provides another option that meets all the environmental requirements for the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea, and other sensitive environments. Plus, it’s formulated from renewable products, so it’s consistently available.

TETRA CS Neptune Completion Fluids

TETRA CS Neptune family of fluids consist of divalent and monovalent high-density completion fluids that can approach the densities normally only achieved by either zinc bromide or cesium formate. However, they are formulated without the use of undissolved solids, zinc, priority pollutants, or formate ions.

Alternative fluid chemistries can significantly reduce the total cost of operation and require no special mixing, handling, or storage at the rig site, TETRA CS Neptune completion fluids have a neutral to alkaline pH, so they pose lower health and safety risks to rigsite and plant personnel. Being zinc-free, no zero-discharge system is required, and the fluids can be reclaimed for reuse using standard technology.

Why TETRA CS Neptune fluids?

Environmental acceptability: Gulf of Mexico discharges limited to trace levels of priority pollutants, which poses a major challenge. North Sea has restricted zinc use. Brazil regulators reluctant to sanction its usage for fields produced through floating production facilities.

Finding an alternative to zinc-free system that does not require zero-discharge system of work.

Need for continuity of supply: Cesium prices reflect depletion of sole commercially viable reserves. TETRA CS Neptune fluids are formulated from renewable products.

Unit cost: Developing a system that exhibits as cost savings of cesium formate. TETRA CS Neptune fluids can be formulated at significantly lower unit cost than alternative fluid chemistries.

Health and safety risks: TETRA CS Neptune fluids exhibit a neutral pH, which minimizes health and safety risks to both rig-site and plant-based personnel.

Reservoir drill-in fluid: TETRA CS Neptune fluids can be formulated as a low-solids, reservoir drill-in fluid.

Ease of handling: TETRA CS Neptune fluids require no special mixing, handling, or storage equipment at the rig site.

Recyclability: TETRA CS Neptune fluids can be reclaimed for reuse, using standard technology.

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