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SwiftWater, A TETRA Company

The gold standard in water management serving clients in the Permian Basin.

On March 1, 2018, SwiftWater Energy Services was acquired by TETRA Technologies and operates under our Water and Flowback Services Division. Our SwiftWater brand in the Permian Basin delivers cost-effective water management solutions through unparalleled technical expertise and superior service. Read the press release.

Our closed-loop water management solutions include:

Automation and Monitoring

We have automated the key processes throughout our water management solution to ensure greater accuracy, efficiency and safety, while enabling cost savings. Using our BlueLinx™ automated control system we provide remote control and monitoring for water transfer, storage, water recycling, blending, distribution, and sand management.

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Having a high quality, timely, and adequate supply of water for hydraulic fracturing operations is critical for a successful unconventional well completion project. Our team of water sourcing professionals have proven experience at locating local water sources, engaging land owners, and acquiring necessary permits for regulatory compliance.

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We are the gold standard in water management serving clients in the Permian Basin.


Moving water, especially produced water, through often harsh environments presents risks. TETRA Steel™ hose is the industry’s only double-jacketed, UV-resistant, quickly deployable hose. It delivers leading flow rate capability and withstands the highest operating pressure of any lay flat hose on the market.

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Pipeline Solutions

Our pipeline solutions provide safe, reliable, and environmentally sound delivery of fluids to, from, and across the job site. Our team constructs and repairs pipelines ranging from 2 to 36 inches in diameter for hydrocarbons, freshwater and produced water.

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Storage and Pit Lining

Our storage solutions ensure drilling and completion operations have a sufficient water supply onsite and on-demand. We offer designs for smaller, above-ground storage tanks. All our above-ground storage solutions are easy to assemble and engineered to the highest standards.

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Treatment and Recycling

From automated water recycling systems that economically process alternative types of water to on-the-fly water treatment and blending technologies that eliminate bacteria and sulfides prior to fracturing operations, we help ensure consistent water quality throughout completion operations.

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We are committed to efficient, safe, and reliable operations with a focus on delivering superior service to our customers. Join our team!

Filtration Systems

We offer various filtration systems for filtering brines, chemicals, and produced water in completion, stimulation, and workover operations.

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Blending and Distribution

Our unique blending technology enhances the economics of produced water beyond normal blending techniques. Our frac water blending system includes an automated blending controller coupled with a patented, on-the-fly blending manifold.

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Laboratory Services

Our frac water treatment specialists perform a broad range of field and lab testing to deliver customized, cost-effective clean water solutions, including, water analysis, bacterial analysis, water clarification and scaling index analysis.

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