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Calcium Chloride Products

Reliably delivering high quality calcium chloride through a network of plants and terminals.

TETRA is a global producer of a variety of calcium chloride grades. We produce premium quality products thanks to our proprietary manufacturing process and high-quality raw materials.

We use food grade quality hydrochloric acid and high purity limestone as raw materials to deliver calcium chloride with very low levels of alkali metals, iron, and other impurities.

Our product is available both in solid form as white calcium flakes and in liquid form as a transparent solution. As a solid, calcium chloride is hygroscopic (absorbs water) but also exothermic (releases heat) when it touches water. These properties allow it to be used in many technical applications. It is highly soluble and can easily be mixed with other liquids.

Why TETRA Calcium Chloride Products?

  • Consistent high quality calcium chloride
  • Global reach
  • Security of supply through vertical integration
  • OMRI listed; ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Diverse range of industry-leading subject matter expertise
  • 30 years of proven track record

Our calcium chloride flakes and liquid calcium chloride is used in many technical processes in diverse industries including: oil and gas; industrial; agricultural; road; and food and beverages.

Oil and Gas - Completion Fluids and Additives

Since its inception in 1981, TETRA has delivered innovation and technological leadership in completion fluids that address emerging customer needs. We are the only oilfield service provider to manufacture our own calcium chloride and heavy brines, ensuring consistent quality and security of supply for our customers.

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TETRA calcium chloride fits a large range of industrial applications including water treatment, pulp and paper, concrete acceleration, polymer manufacturing, humidity absorption, and mining industry applications.

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TETRA has a line of products derived from calcium solutions and patented technology that are used by the agricultural industry. Our food-grade calcium chloride products are 100% water-soluble which presents an advantage over less soluble calcium solutions such as gypsum and limestone.

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Food & Beverage

TETRA calcium chloride is a high-quality salt designed for food processing. It is highly soluble and can be mixed with most food liquids. It fulfills all the major food standards such as FCC and FAO, and is kosher certified.

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TETRA’s product has unique properties that make it ideal for dust control, maintaining unpaved roads and fortifying road bases for new construction. It’s the most powerful of the common de-icers, used for its snow and ice melting properties.

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TETRA is a dominant force in the market as a major, vertically integrated calcium chloride manufacturer and marketer. We have set up our supply network of terminals and warehouses in order to reliably meet your requirements.

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