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Linear Gel Pills

Linear gel fluids are formulated with a wide array of different polymers in an aqueous base. Polymers that are commonly used to formulate these linear gels include guar, hydroxypropyl guar (HPG), carboxymethyl HPG (CMHPG), and hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC).

BioPol™ Linear Gel Pills

BioPol linear gel pills are designed to economically enhance the rheology of clear brine fluids while reducing invasion of and damage to producing reservoirs.

BioPol™ Viscosifier

A complex, high molecular-weight polymer, BioPol viscosifier is a fine, easily dispersed granular product used in clear-brine fluids, spacers and fluid-loss-control pills. It is highly resistant to shear degradation and acts to elevate the yield point and shear rate viscosity, enhancing hole-cleaning and promoting gel strength development.

BioPol™ L Viscosifier

A liquid, high molecular weight polysaccharide polymer in a light hydrocarbon-based oil, BioPol L viscosifier is used as a primary viscosifing and suspending agent for clear brine fluids, spacers, and fluid loss control pills. An easily mixed liquid product, it provides stable rheology in temperatures above 250ºF/120ºC.

BioPol™ HT Viscosifier

A dry polymer that is more compatible with divalent clear brine fluids, BioPol™ HT visosifier provides stable rheology at temperatures up to 300ºF/148ºC.

TETRAVis™ Linear Gel Pills

Widely used to viscosify general brine applications having a permeability of less than one Darcy unit, these gel polymers are considered less damaging and easier to clean up in formations.

TETRAVis™ Linear Gel Pills

Commonly used in single salt fluids, TETRAVis linear gel pills are a high-purity, high-molecular weight hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC) that are easily degraded with acid, oxidizing agents, and enzymes. They provide a wide range of viscosities for fluid loss control, hole cleaning, and spacers.

TETRAVis™ L Linear Gel Pills

Commonly used in two salt calcium chloride/calcium bromide brines, TETRAVis L linear gel pills are a non-ionic, ultra-high molecular weight HEC suspended in a homogenous, hydrocarbon-free, biodegradable, environmentally safe solution.

TETRAVis™ L Plus Linear Gel Pills

The most common viscosifying polymer used for three-salt systems, TETRAVis L Plus linear gel pills are is a double-strength, liquefied HEC polymer used for fluid loss control, hole cleaning, and spacer formation. TETRAVis L Plus also functions as a friction-reducing agent.