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Automation and Monitoring

TETRA has automated the key processes throughout our water management solution to ensure greater accuracy, efficiency and safety, while enabling cost savings.

Our TETRA BlueLinx™ automated control system closes the loop on water management by providing remote control and monitoring for water transfer, storage, water recycling, blending, distribution, and sand management. The BlueLinx system can be accessed on your computer or from our mobile app and it provides accurate, real-time metrics for efficient operations that can help deliver the lowest cost per barrel of water.

Cloud-Based Dashboard
The nerve center of our BlueLinx automated control system is the cloud-based dashboard connected via either cellular or satellite link to field equipment sensors—so you are always connected to your operations no matter when or where they take place. The dashboard displays the operating metrics of each asset in real time, providing immediate access to readings including inlet and outlet pressures, fluid composition, water conductivity, storage level, and equipment status and performance.

Some of the automated water management technologies connected to BlueLinx automated control system include:

Automated Pumping Systems

Our automated pumping systems optimize water transfer while lowering both cost and risk. Our cloud-based dashboard provides immediate control of pressure and flowrate, as well as real-time monitoring of pump speed, flowrate, inlet/outlet water pressures, water temperature, engine performance, and engine fuel level.

Automated Blending System

The TETRA automated blending system accurately blends flowback, produced, brackish, and fresh waters into a single homogeneous fluid. The system consists of the water blending controller, which measures input and output water conductivity in real time to automatically adjust input ratios, and the patented on-the-fly blending manifold, which blends fresh and produced water streams into an optimal fluid for fracturing.

Oil Recovery After Production Technology (ORAPT™) Oil Separation System

Our ORAPT oil separation system accumulates and removes residual oil from produced water in real time to ensure treatment performance and compliance with regulatory storage requirements. The recovered oil is returned to the operator’s sale pipeline.

SwiftWater Automated Treatment World Oil FinalistSwiftWater Automated Treatment (SWAT™) System and On-the-Fly Treatment Systems

Provide continuous and accurate chemical dosage volume to ensure produced water is treated to exact specification. Our web-based real-time monitoring and control technology provides you with 24/7 access to treatment and recycling operations. This provides a transparent and on-demand view of the chemistry applied to treat the water and its effectiveness.