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Clay Stabilizers

Our products are designed with our customer’s formation protection challenges in mind.

When reactive clays are present, swelling, dispersion, and migration can negatively impact production results. The following products are part of the TETRA PayZone suite of products, designed exactly for the considerations mentioned:

PayZone Clay Stay Clay Stabilizer

A proprietary clay-stabilizing additive compatible with all completion fluids, it is used to stabilize and prevent hydration and swelling in interstitial clay.

PayZone StrataFix Clay Stabilizer

A combination shale inhibitor and lubricant for water base systems. It is a specially formulated product for drilling fluids. PayZone StrataFix, clay stabilizer is compatible with clear brine fluids and inhibits water adsorption and dispersion of water sensitive shales in drill-in fluids and water base muds. PayZone StrataFix stabilizer combined with a brine fluid will work synergistically to increase shale stability, and will reduce the potential of differential sticking.