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TETRA is committed to sustainability by caring for the environment, promoting the wellbeing of our workforce, ensuring the quality and integrity of our work, and contributing to the enrichment of communities we impact.

Read our first formal sustainability report in which we disclose our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance in 2022.

Our Environmental Stewardship

TETRA continuously works to eliminate or mitigate our impact on the environment through product design and control technologies, pollution prevention, energy conservation, waste minimization, recycling, and treatment.

TETRA is a leading provider of solutions and systems that enable ‘green completions’ or ‘clean fracs’. Guided by environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns, the oil and gas industry recognizes the unsustainability of flaring methane gas, a byproduct of hydraulic fracturing. As the industry transitions away from this practice, expanding the necessary pipeline infrastructure, TETRA already has the technology to capture useable gas so operators can instead bring it to market.

We are at the forefront of addressing the industry’s increasing water requirements by recycling, treating, and delivering an optimized fluid for frac operations. By recycling and re-using produced water, TETRA helps minimize the need for additional fresh water and the disposal of wastewater. Our water treatment technology is modular and fully integrative with other equipment, resulting in a much tighter, more efficient footprint than many competing systems. Additionally, our leak-resistant water transfer system is the industry’s only double-jacketed, UV-resistant, and quickly deployable hose that helps reduce HSE risk to personnel and landowners.

Our TETRA CS Neptune fluids are versatile, cost-effective alternatives to fluids containing zinc (a priority pollutant) and cesium formate (costly and nearing depletion). Composed of plentiful, environmentally safe ingredients, they can be blended for use as completion, drill-in, packer, and workover fluids, and do not require zero-discharge equipment.

As an established producer of a variety of calcium chloride grades, TETRA invested heavily in solar and multi-effect evaporation plants to produce calcium chloride with superior energy efficiency. Our proprietary calcium chloride and calcium chloride blends, Hi-Cal liquid and Cor-Clear dry flakes, are also used in the agriculture market and serve as a stabilizing agent to help reduce the harmful effects of fertilizer runoff and excess use, and also serve as a beneficial nutrient for organically grown fruits and vegetables. Our calcium chloride based fluids are also used to de-ice roads, being a less-corrosive alternative to sodium chloride.

We developed TETRA PureFlow ultra-pure zinc bromide clear brine fluid designed specifically for batteries and energy storage to help extend their life. TETRA is working on ways to reclaim and recycle 100% of the electrolytes that have reached their end-of-life state, leveraging our 38 years of experience reclaiming zinc bromide and other brines containing high levels of particulate and contaminants from some of the harshest conditions in oil and gas operations.

Our People

Investing in our people to create a sustainable workforce is a key focus at TETRA. We provide career development, training opportunities, and leadership development, which enables employees at all levels to expand their repertoire of skills and those employees pursuing senior positions to advance with greater confidence. TETRA also recognizes the value of multiple perspectives and experiences, supporting a Diversity and Inclusion Committee that promotes gender diversity and inclusion, and a military hiring initiative to help individuals preparing to conclude their service to the US military transition to civilian careers and apply their problem-solving skills.

Our Human Rights Standards support international principles aimed at promoting universal human rights. We are committed to preserving these rights for TETRA employees in every place of operation.

Our Board of Directors, Human Capital Management & Compensation Committee, and executive leadership team is committed to enhancing diversity at TETRA. The executive leadership team sponsors the TETRA Diversity & Inclusion Committee, which is focused on promoting diversity and inclusion in our workforce and workplace, diversity awareness, diversity training initiatives, and diversity and inclusion focused events.

Offering competitive benefits helps us attract and retain exceptional talent. To help sustain the well-being of each and every employee, the TETRA health and wellness program also provides preventive care.

Our Health, Safety, Environment, & Quality Standards

Recognizing that safety, service quality, and environmental protection are conditions of employment, all employees and contractors are responsible for their safety, the safety of those around them, the quality of their work, and protection of the environment.

To ensure our work remains safe and of the highest quality, TETRA has a comprehensive HSEQ Management System and program designed to improve the capacity of the organization by controlling worksite risks, developing proper work practices and procedures, and empowering employees with stop-work authority if they observe unsafe conditions, omissions, errors, or actions that could result in safety or environmental incidents, or product and service quality issues. If an incident takes place, we investigate all serious occurrences to root causes and implement corrective actions to ensure we expand our capacity to operate safely.

In addition, our Supplier Code of Business Conduct sets forth our expectations from our suppliers, vendors, contractors, and others with whom we do business. It includes the expectation that such persons or companies provide a safe and healthy working environment for all workers and comply with all applicable workplace health and safety laws and regulations.

TETRA maintains a quality program with international standards accreditation for certain operations to ensure we deliver to our customers’ expectations in a demanding and safety critical environment.

Driving is one of the highest exposure activities that we undertake in our day-to-day operations. We maintain a fleet of DOT and non-DOT vehicles and provide positive, real-time behavior feedback to our drivers via real-time monitors. Coupled with Journey Management, vehicle selection guidelines, and driver training, we have a comprehensive approach to reducing our driving exposure and incidents.

Our Communities

TETRA believes that sustainability means being a responsible and ethical corporate citizen and is proud to support our employees as they give back to the communities in which they live and work. The Company engages in philanthropic efforts in health, education, and community enrichment — efforts that strengthen community relationships and foster employee engagement through participation in fundraising and other events.