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Water Transfer Solution

Moving water, especially produced water, through often harsh environments presents risks. TETRA Steel™ transfer technology is the industry’s only double-jacketed, UV-resistant, and quickly deployable hose.

Our proprietary water transfer technology has revolutionized the traditional methods of water transfer in our industry. Using our TETRA Steel double-jacketed, zero-discharge, high pressure, flexible, lay-flat hose, together with a patented rapid deployment and retrieval system (TETRA Steel™ RDV), we are challenging today’s traditional, jointed transfer piping systems and methods of manual deployment.

Some of the advantages of our TETRA Steel technology include a higher operating pressure rating than single-jacket lay flat hoses, rapid deployment and retrieval technology, reduced HSE risk to personnel, minimal impact to landowners, and zero-discharge couplings.

Automated Pumping System

With our Automated Pumping System, you can control and monitor fluid delivery in real time while adding a more responsive and effective level of safety to mitigate unplanned events. The TETRA Automated Pumping System effectively optimizes water transfer operations while significantly reducing risks.

Our pumps are connected to the TETRA BlueLinx automated control system, a cloud-based dashboard that provides immediate control of pressure and flowrate, as well as real-time monitoring of pump speed, flowrate, inlet/outlet water pressures, water temperature, engine performance, and engine fuel level. The design also includes localized safety features that function regardless of cellular or satellite connectivity.

Benefits of the Automated Pumping System include: 

  • Access to real-time water and pump data anytime, anywhere
  • Visibility and assurance of water supply
  • Optimization of fuel consumption
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Protects system against pressure events

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