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Automated Recovery of Oil


Our TETRA oil recovery after production technology (ORAPTTM) oil separation system pretreats produced water before recycling it. Standalone ORAPT mobile units remove native oil, undesired light constituents, and oil slugs caused by unplanned bypasses from production facilities to deliver water with only trace amounts of oil at 50-100 ppm. The recovered oil is returned to the operator for sale. Nominal throughput of this system is up to 28,000 bbl/day.


  • Self-contained discharge pumps for chemical injection
  • Mobile unit for job-to-job transportability
  • Automated tank level management, trending, and alarms
  • Automated emergency bypass and shutdown
  • Unmanned operation


  • Returns hydrocarbons from produced water to sale line
  • Reduces the amount of oil volume in storage units
  • Facilitates reuse and compliance with regulatory storage requirements
  • Removes undesired, light constituents

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