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Oil Control

Many operators spend inordinate amounts of their drilling and completion budget to deal with fluids that cannot be discharged, but that must be transported to shore locations for remediation, at considerable cost.

We developed a technology that allows offshore operators to minimize oil and grease levels in clear completion fluids, such that they can either be discharged with a reasonable level of confidence that they will meet local discharge requirements, or to reduce the volumes of such fluids that must be transported to land.

Our TETRA OilFix™ filtration service, which comprises material used to remove oil and grease, and analysis equipment to determine oil and grease levels.

TETRA O-Lok C™ treatment provides operators with a low cost, onsite solution to reduce oil and grease levels. This treatment allows for the conditioning and reclamation of sodium bromide completion brine without contamination. It also allows calcium chloride brine to be treated to a level that meets the oil and grease requirements for discharge.