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Cross-Linked Pills

When wellbore conditions exist in which it is necessary to minimize the loss of completion or workover fluids into the formation, TETRA provides multiple engineered products and solutions to accomplish the desired results.

TETRAFlex™ Cross-Linked Pill

A pre-mixed, cross-linked gelled polymer pill that can be formulated with sodium, potassium, calcium, and zinc -based completion fluids, giving rise to a wide range of densities.

TETRAFlex™ FLC Seal Cross-Linked Pill

Used to control fluid loss in formations with permeability up to two Darcy units and bottom-hole temperatures up to 250ºF/120°C.

TETRA SmartSeal™ Cross-Linked Pill

A sized calcium carbonate pill, TETRA SmartSeal cross-linked pill is used to treat moderate to high fluid losses by sealing the internal surfaces of screens in post gravel pack operations. The base clear brine fluid, polymeric carrying agents, and calcium carbonate particle size distribution are each selected for individual well applications.

TETRA SmartSeal™ Pad Cross-Linked Pill

A solid-free pill, TETRA SmartSeal Pad cross-linked pill is used in conjunction with TETRA SmartSeal cross-linked pill to protect its integrity, and facilitates easy lift-off of the sealing cake. The TETRA SmartSeal Pad pill contains a TETRA proprietary releasing agent and is formulated with the identical base fluid and polymeric carrying agents as the TETRA SmartSeal pill.

PayZone® CleanSeal Cross-Linked Pills

PayZone CleanSeal gel pill is used as a temporary, solids-free perforating pill. In this application, a gel pill is spotted above the perforation zone, perforation guns are run through the gel, the gel reforms behind the guns, and the well is perforated. Following the onset of losses, the over-balance pressure pushes the gel pill across the perforated interval, restricting losses almost immediately. The gel then breaks slowly over a time period, which we can engineer by changes to the formulation. Break times ranging from days to months can be engineered, depending upon the reservoir temperature and gel formulation, however it is important to note that the time to break will be at least the same number of days as the stability period.