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Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ)

TETRA is firmly committed to the health and safety of our employees, the protection of the environment, and to product and service quality. Our commitment focuses on controlling risks to employees, maintaining safe work practices, minimizing impacts to the environment, meeting customer requirements, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

These commitments are at the heart of our Dedicated to the CØRE culture centered on Customers, Drive to ZERO, Returns, and Employees. Our Drive to ZERO is a concerted effort to achieve ZERO health, safety, environmental, and quality incidents every day, stop the job when necessary, follow HSE, Quality, and Ethics guidelines at all times, and live by our Code of Business Conduct everywhere.

The TETRA Health, Safety, Environmental, and Quality Policy (HSEQ) is a commitment from our executive leadership and signed by the Chief Executive Officer. We communicate and share this policy with all employees.

The TETRA HSEQ Management System is an enterprise-wide framework that drives continual improvement in our HSEQ performance of our facilities and operations globally. Our management system comprises elements, compliance standards, and guidelines that detail the minimum requirements for controlling health, safety, environmental, and quality risks in our operations.

The TETRA IADC Accredited Competency Management System, Policies and Procedures defines the Company’s recognition that the competence of people in safety and operationally critical roles is fundamental in conducting its business without causing harm to people, the environment or the equipment and physical environment involved in conducting its business whether owned by the company or its clients.  As such TETRA is fully committed to ensuring that all employees fulfilling safety and operationally critical roles are competent to carry out the duties assigned to them.

We engage employees by recording their observations of safe and at-risk work practices. Our safety observation and hazard recognition processes encourage employees to closely examine their work activities and to adopt safer behaviors and work practices.

A fundamental aspect of our HSE culture is to involve everyone and ensure they are aware of their responsibility and obligation to observe, intervene, and report unsafe conditions and behaviors. A crucial tool used extensively across TETRA is our Stop Work Authority process. Every worker is obligated and responsible for recognizing potentially unsafe conditions or behaviors, and acting immediately to stop the job until the problem is corrected. We promote a culture where Stop Work Authority is exercised freely and is valued as a proactive process to control HSE risks and impacts.


Our IADC Accredited Competency Management System defines the Company’s recognition that the competence of people in safety and operationally critical roles is fundamental in conducting its business.