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Rig Cooling, Pumping, and Fire Safety Systems

Rig Cooling & Fire Safety Systems

Keeping rigs cool around the world during offshore well test operations

OPTIMA, A TETRA Company, is a global leader for rig cooling during offshore well test operations. From off the shelf packages to highly complex engineered systems that we design, fit, and operate, we have a large portfolio of bespoke pumping packages and temporary fire safety systems readily available to suit all your requirements.

Our service record along with an unparalleled fleet size allow us to provide safe, cost effective operations around the globe. Our in-house engineering team uses heat radiation software and 3-D modeling, along with our vast offshore and onshore experience, to design OPTIMA systems to meet every operation’s requirement. The whole process starts with a site survey where all relevant technical and operational data is collated, reviewed, and discussed with key installation personnel. This allows the correct package to be designed and mobilized to the project site.

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