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Frac Water Blending and Distribution Systems

Our unique blending technology enhances the economics of produced water beyond normal blending techniques.

Our frac water blending system includes an automated blending controller coupled with a patented, on-the-fly blending manifold. The combination provides accurate parameter-based blending and consistent blend quality, whether directly filling frac tanks or transferring to another location.

By enabling accurate and consistent blending of different sources of water in real-time, the blending system eliminates the need for intermediate storage. Chemical injection ports are available for adding chemicals upstream of the blending chamber.

Using our automated distribution manifold, we help minimize environmental and personnel risks and help ensure that frac tanks receive optimal water supply regardless of the source. Our manifold provides real-time, computer-controlled, tank-level management. This ensures supply and prevents tank overflows, resulting in a safer and less stressful environment for water technicians to supervise and optimize frac water operations.

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