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CC road calcium chloride

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CC road fast-acting calcium chloride salt is specially formulated for surface de-icing and dust-control available in both solid and liquid form. Because it’s exothermic, meaning it releases heat when contacting water, it can rapidly melt ice and snow on roads, walkways, and other transit surfaces.

CC road calcium chloride is hygroscopic, absorbing moisture and rendering the hydrates sticky, thus binding dust particles to surfaces and reducing airborne dust from gravel roads, parking lots, sport surfaces, parks, campgrounds, and other areas prone to surface dust.

CC road calcium chloride for safer, de-iced transit surfaces

CC road calcium chloride is designed to rapidly clear road, walkway, and other transit surfaces of ice and snow. Transiting across slippery frozen surfaces is hazardous. Automobiles can slide off roads or into other vehicles, and pedestrians can slip and fall, all of which can lead to serious injury or death. Keeping these surfaces clear of accumulated ice and snow is essential to safe travel, commuting, and walking.

CC road products are ideal for de-icing transit surfaces because CaCl2 is exothermic, emitting heat when in contact with ice and snow. Upon application, it quickly melts frozen precipitation, then forms a long-lasting, high-density protective barrier that is effective to prevent subsequent accumulation of ice.

CC road products are also more effective at de-icing at lower temperatures than sodium chloride (NaCl) and it’s environmentally safer for grasses, plants, and trees.

Benefits of de-icing with CC road products

  • cost-efficient
  • immediately effective on contact
  • long-lasting protection against further accumulation
  • effective even in extremely low temperatures
  • easy to apply with precision

CC road calcium chloride for safer, dust-free roads

CC road products are also effective at preventing the airborne dust from gravel roads kicked up by vehicles, livestock, or wind dust that is acutely hazardous to the health of people, animals, vegetation, and crops. Dust clouds can also cause unsafe driving conditions by obstructing visibility of the roadway and other vehicles. Over time, gravel roads may also lose a lot of surface aggregate to dust erosion and form potholes and long stretches of ‘washboard’ ripples, which compound the driving hazards and diminish comfort.

CC road binds dust particles together and to the road surface, helping to prevent the formation of dust clouds. CC road calcium chloride is also dense applied at the right time, such as in early spring when the road surface still retains moisture from snowmelt, it will provide durable dust control throughout the following summer.

CC road products for safer commercial, leisure, and sport surfaces

CC road products are also ideal for gravel parking lots, industrial and agricultural work areas, mines, campgrounds, RV parks, tennis courts, motocross tracks, and equestrian riding courses—practically any area that is dust-prone. Application of CC road calcium chloride helps reduce the airborne dust that can cause respiratory and ocular health problems in people and animals, as well as de-ice these surfaces in winter to make them safer.

Benefits of dust-control with CC road calcium chloride

  • cost-efficient
  • long-lasting
  • versatile – effective on a wide range of surfaces and areas
  • healthier environment for people, animals, vegetation, and crops
  • smoother surfaces for safer, more comfortable driving
  • firmer surfaces that last longer
  • more even surfaces for better sports performance
  • cleaner, dust-free spaces for more enjoyable leisure activities

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CC road calcium chloride

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CC road calcium chloride

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