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Wellhead Preservation Products

In the environment beneath a cap, corrosion protection is best achieved by the application of an oxygen scavenger, a protective film, and a biocide. Of these three, the oxygen scavenger is the most critical. Laboratory and field studies show that dissolved oxygen is the dominant cause of generalized corrosion in seawater.

The problems with the current practices of using a remotely operated vehicle or hose to inject a corrosion inhibitor are that both methods are cumbersome, time consuming, and wasteful.

CapHib Subsea Well Head Preservation Treatment

A subsea wellhead preservation treatment designed to provide corrosion inhibition to protect the internal mechanical components of the tree that are exposed to seawater. These components include the internal tree cap and crown plug, the pressure containing barriers used to gain workover access to the well, and the tool locking profiles and surfaces of the Christmas tree bore. Each CapHib package is designed to treat fifty barrels of seawater. The CapHib treatment is applied by attaching the CapHib applicator to the underside of the tree or wellhead cap from which the active components will dissolve and disperse to treat the volume of seawater contained within the tree and/or wellhead.