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Surface Well Testing

From exploration wells to appraisal wells, surface well-testing is the only proven way to establish and validate a reservoir’s potential. For operators of every size in the oil and gas industry, properly evaluating and managing hydrocarbon assets depends on accurate well-testing data and reservoir knowledge from a reputable well-testing company — a company with an established record of success, like TETRA.

At TETRA, our highest priority is safety. We have the systems necessary to protect your personnel, your wells, and the environment. Whether your operations involve conventional or unconventional oil and gas resources, we can provide the production testing equipment and flowback systems necessary to bring your wells online quickly and efficiently.

TETRA maintains a fleet of well-testing, flowback and sand management packages solutions. Our equipment is engineered to provide optimal control of flowrate as well as separation, measurement, and disposal of the produced effluents in the wellstream.

Flowback Well-Testing Solutions

TETRA well-testing and flowback packages are engineered and constructed according to customer needs and industry standards that include:

  • API 6 A for well head equipment
  • API 12 K for production heating equipment
  • API 14 C safety systems
  • API 14 E for offshore installations
  • API 17 D & E for subsea equipment
  • ASME B 31.3 for process piping
  • ASME Section VIII Div. 1, 2, & 3 for pressure-containing vessels
  • Zero-discharge burner and incineration systems for offshore installations

TETRA is dedicated to continuously improving the quality and performance of our flowback operations, equipment, and services. Our manufacturers are ISO 9001: 2015 certified, our engineers remain active in industry organizations, and TETRA holds membership on a number of American Petroleum Institute boards that guide quality standards for the oil and gas industry. Our portfolio of solutions also includes special configurations for harsh onshore and offshore environments like ultra-cold climates and extremely remote operations.

Land-Based Well-Tesing and Flowback Solutions

TETRA operates a wide range of surface well-testing and flowback systems configured for every type of land-based operation, including hydraulic well-control equipment and high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) frac-flowback equipment for difficult wells with elevated flowrates and highly abrasive solids.

TETRA sand-management solutions, which include filtration systems and our advanced cyclone technology, can handle flowrates as high as 100 million SCFD of gas or 20,000 BPD of fluid and 20,000 lb./day of solids. We also offer zero-discharge burner and incinerator systems, as well as H2S, SO2, and NOx, emissions-monitoring systems as integral parts of our sand separator packages.

Remote Well-Testing Solutions

TETRA offers trailer-mounted well-testing packages to facilitate mobility to operations in remove locations.

Arctic Well-Testing Solutions

TETRA maintains arctic-winterized equipment for operations in ultra-cold climates below -40°F (-40°C).

Offshore Well-Testing Solutions

TETRA offshore well-testing packages are enclosed in DNV frames built to the highest European and U.S. standards.

Test Separators

TETRA portable test separators provide valuable data on the well’s potential and performance.

From frac support and test analysis to completion services and more, TETRA delivers value at every stage of the production cycle. Explore our well-testing equipment and expertise below.