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Keys to Reducing the Cost of Treating Produced and Flowback Water

Efficiencies and cost reductions make water treatment and use of produced water more accepted.

From the dawn of the frac era, it was apparent that a cheap and plentiful water supply would be vital to the hydraulic fracturing process. Back then it was normal to pump freshwater out of the ground for fracturing, then to pump the produced water back into the ground.

Older, labor-intensive treatment systems are being replaced by automated systems that are more efficient and more accurate. These efficiencies are making the treatment and use of produced water more available as freshwater scarcity and other issues render it imperative. In this issue of Hart E&P Magazine, Yannick Harvey and Timothy Gabel of TETRA Technologies recite the benefits of automating water management, with technologies that accurately blend and distribute treated and recycled water.

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