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On the ESG Path With Automated Water Recycling

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Among the many outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic on the energy industry over the past year and a half has been the intensified push to adopt more sustainable environmental, social, and corporate governance practices (ESG).

In this article, Dean Fanguy, Director of Business Development for TETRA’s Western Hemisphere, emphasizes the ESG benefits for the environment, companies, communities, and workers alike that can be reaped from automated water management.

With ESG concerns now enjoying widespread currency among investors, its three measures of sustainability have shifted from optional to essential for the reputation and financial health of corporate enterprises. Of course, ESG policies were already making inroads, but the pandemic seems to have deepened the resolve among investors and accelerated the pace of adoption among company leaders.

Two prime examples of ESG practices with substantial impact in the oil and gas sector are recycling produced and flowback waters and automating water management.

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